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All egg dishes come with your choice of hash browns or country fried potatoes, 3 strips of beef bacon or 2 *sausage links, and toast.

2 Eggs Any Style 1.750

Spanish Omelet: 3 egg omelet with jalapeños, onions, tomato, and cilantro


Add Cheese  0.300

Cheese Omelet: 3 egg omelet loaded with cheddar cheese 1.850

“Ham” & Cheese  Omelet: 3 egg omelet with cheddar cheese and “ham” 2.000

Assemble Your Own Omelet: 3 egg omelet . Price includes 2 choices   2.000

tomatoes, cheese, bacon, “ham”, sausage, spinach, jalapeños, or onion  0.350 each addition


3 warm traditional style pancakes topped with your choice of





topped with whipped cream & butter, served with 2 sausage links or 3 slices of beef bacon, and hash browns or country fried potatoes  2.250

Or without fruit topping 1.750

* our sausage links are homemade to taste as much like home  as possible ;-)

French Toast & Waffles

French Toast: 6 triangle-shape slices dusted with powdered sugar and served with maple syrup 1.500

Waffles: 1 large traditional style waffle dusted with powdered sugar, topped with butter and served with maple syrup  2.000

*Top with fruit of your choice for an extra 500fils

Signature Dishes

Biscuits & *Sausage Gravy: 2 warm buttermilk biscuits smothered in sausage gravy and served with *sausage links. 2.750

Breakfast “Club” Sandwich: double stacked on toasted bread, 2 fried eggs, turkey ham, and cheese served with hash browns or country fried potatoes 1.750

Healthy Start

Egg White Omelet: with spinach, onion and tomato served with wheat toast 1.500

Yogurt: topped with granola, and fresh fruit 1.500

Muesli 0.800

Fresh Fruit Plate price varies. Ask your server

Kids Menu

Silver $ Pancakes: 3 silver dollar pancakes with two slices of beef bacon 1.250

French Toast Sticks: served with two sausage links  1.250

One Egg Any Style: served with hash browns and your choice of 2 sausage links or 2 slices of bacon  1.250


Toast  0.250

Biscuits(2) 0.500

Hash Browns  0.500

Country Fried Potatoes  0.500

Beef Bacon (2) 0.500

Sausage (2) 0.500

An egg 0.500

A pancake 0.500

Banana Bread slice 0.500

                          Loaf 2.500

2392-5814 phone & fax

Hours of Operation 0500hr-1500hr 



CupO’Joe  0.500

Cappuccino  1.250

Latte  1.250

Café Au Lait  0.750

Espresso  0.750

Macchiato  0.750

Eye Opener  1.000

Tea  0.500

Milk  0.300

Chocolate Milk  0.750

Hot Chocolate  0.750

Fresh Squeezed OJ  1.000

Cranberry Juice  0.500

Apple Juice    0.500

Sparkling Water  0.400

Soda   0.400

Ultra Water 150ml   0.400

* Board games are available. Ask your server for details.    

* To arrange community meetings (book club, Language groups, Expat gatherings, etc) contact  Bianca at:

*Catering Available

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